Filtration through Centrifugal Separators and Multi-Media Filters

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Filtration through Centrifugal Separators and Multi-Media Filters  Empty Filtration through Centrifugal Separators and Multi-Media Filters

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Each flat in Kochi is trying to use the best filtration method to obtain pure water for drinking. The water saved by rain water harvesting needs to be purified thoroughly for drinking purposes.
In some small communities water filtration is done by the conventional massive sedimentation tank which is used to remove large particles of turbidity after they settle down. This conventional method is now replaced by the centrifugal separator which saves space by about 99%. Mining and mineral recovery have been using centrifugal separators for many years. High centrifugal forces are applied on solid particles entering the separation chamber which are moved to the outer separator walls and then to a collection device at the bottom. Simultaneously the clarified water moves towards the center of the separation chamber and upward to the clear water outlet at the top of the vessel. 98% of all suspended particles can be removed by separators. Particles of size as small as three thousands of an inch can also be removed by the separators.
Hydraulic contact flocculation and surface storage clarification is provided by a separate tank called the contact clarifier. Thus the traditional paddle flocculation and four hours of quiescent clarification is replaced. The multi-media filter has now replaced the sand filter. The multi-media filter operates for much longer time. It is better suited for use in a closed pressure tank as the chances of cracking of the bed and the breakthrough of turbidity is less and need for visual inspection is not required. The filter provides a very high degree of clarity. The filter also clarifies water at a much higher flow rate than a single media sand filter.


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